Mette was born and raised in Gullestrup, a very small vilage outside of Herning in the Danish countryside.

Mette always enjoyed traveling, her family were passionate skiers at their annual skiing holidays in Austria, however she spend most of her summer holidays in a hunting lodge in the forest in the small island Langeland in Southern Denmark. Here she enjoyed fishing for eels from the family's wooden rowboat and building little snail castles in the forest.

Mette played several instruments from a young age and she still enjoys creating music as well as using music in her work.

At the age of 15 Mette attended a Language school in Bournemouth, UK, it was Mette´s first time out on her own, and she fell madly in love with a Hungarian guy called Adam, who sadly never returned her feelings.

At the age of 18, she went to Melbourne, Australia, to attend year 12 at Lauriston Girls School - and to meet Kangaroos.

After finishing High School, Mette went back to Melbourne to study at Melbourne Acting School, it was here she 'discovered' the Meisner-technique, a technique she has worked with ever since. 

In Australia Mette also had her first Scuba Dive experience. She started at the top by taking her license at The Great Barrier Reef. Since then she has been a passionate diver, she has dived all over Asia, in Africa and also in Denmark, which she wouldn't recommend anyone unless they really like swimming in cold water with ridiculously low visibility. At this point she has achieved the level of Advanced, Rescue Diver. 

Returning from Melbourne, Mette moved to Copenhagen, but after a few years, she was longing for another adventure and went to Hong Kong to study Drama and Film at Chinese University of Hong Kong. She experienced a typhoon, learned to appreciate elevators and saw most of Asia as well as learning a great deal about her self and her craft.

Mette finished her courses in Hong Kong, returned to Copenhagen and started taking classes at the Meisner School, Ophelia in Copenhagen. Later on she moved to Berlin, where she attended classes at Actor Space Berlin, fell in love with the city's relaxed lifestyle and learned to speak fluent German. 

At the moment Mette is working all over Europe, she still enjoys skiing, diving and all other kind of water sports (it doesn't really matter if the water is frozen or not).

If Mette were no longer able to pursue acting, she would consider working in a nursing home for wounded hedgehogs, because she feel bad about how many hedgehogs her dog has accidentally hurt throughout the years.